Animation Professor • 3D Artist

A.B. Osborne, Animation Professor

Wizard of Pixels & Polygons

Call me "A.B." - It's a nickname that's stuck and it's easy to spell.

Teaching - I'm the lead Animation Professor at Augusta University.  I'm the architect behind the newly launched animation degree program, the BFA in Art - Animation Concentration.  Our first students are graduating and it's been an absolute joy to teach the next generation of animators.

Creative Work - As a creative professional, I'm a director and animator who has worked on video games, short animated films, medical visualizations, and augmented & virtual reality projects.  In my personal work, I explore threats to our valuable ecosystems by creating stylized and experimental interpretations of flora and fauna.

Personal - I live in Augusta, GA with my wonderful kids and wife.  I have an impressive toy collection.


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