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Iridescent Trailer is HERE!

Augusta University's Animation Program is thrilled to present the trailer for our animated short film, Iridescent. Iridescent is the story of Tess, an explorer who discovers a new planet inhabited by wonderful and whimsical creatures.

Premiering for the first time in University Hall 170 on Friday, April 28th at 7 PM, after Art and Design's scholarship ceremony and the Senior Showcase.

Created over the past year by roughly 10-12 students and one professor, Iridescent is an animated short film that showcases exactly what this fast-growing program is capable of.

I created Iridescent as a chance to make something a bit more ambitious than what I could do within a semester. It started with a poem - a whimsical narration filled with fantastical creatures. Then it was up to my students to tell me what these creatures looked like. Clocking in at around 6 minutes with 13 environments and over a dozen unique characters, this is the most massive film our Animation program has produced to date. Watch the trailer here:


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